The Northwestern aluminum company can produce fourteen different kinds of aluminum products, such as aluminum alloy tube, bar, profile, wire, plank, strip, foil and aluminum powder, magnesium power, aluminum and magnesium alloy power, aquosity aluminum paste, casting production and deep processing products. There are all together one hundred kinds of alloys and more than 10000 product specifications. The products are featured by multispecies, different kinds of alloys, multi-specification, high-value-added and technology-intensive. The registered trademark “Ben Ma” is a famous trademark of Gansu province.
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RUSAL: Aluminum 2013 price rise depends on China
CHINALCO celebrated its 10th anniversary
CME sees steady growth for planned aluminum swaps

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About us

Chinalco Northwestern Aluminum Fabrication Plant (Abbreviation Northwest Aluminum) is domestic comprehensive large scale aluminum processing enterprise, established in the year of 1965, in past 45 years, enterprise have supplied a huge quantity of high quality aluminum alloy products.
    At present, Northwest Aluminum is just in time of facing important historical opportunity of crossover developing, at April 6th , 2007, northwest aluminum processing base, one of the five Chalco aluminum processing base laying a foundation grandly. Through 3 years hard work, 50,000 tons of aluminum foil project is about to production, a domestic first-class modern large-scale aluminium processing enterprise will appear on the horizon of northwest China with major products military special materials and double zero aluminum foil. At that time, Northwest Aluminium production capacity will be increased from the current near 100,000 tons up to 150,000 tons, total assets exceed 3 billion Yuan, Northwest Aluminum will become the effective influenced high level extrusion material guarantee base and high quality aluminum foil production base.
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